Another Timeshare scam, this time from Malta !

Police in Malta and the Malta Tourism Authority are investigating a timeshare company who allegedly defrauded clients out of thousands of euro’s. The company named as Platinum International Malta Ltd sold a timeshare membership with cost between €2,000 and €3,500 and promised to provide its members with heavily discounted hotel bookings and holiday packages. The membership covered a range of locations in five destinations, all the customer had to pay was €500 to Platinum for the service.

Instead of providing the services they had promised customers were left  with unpaid hotel bills … Read more

Praetorian Legal have the pleasure of helping over 6,500 clients terminate their timeshare burdens, which often have caused years of financial hardship and stress. It is extremely rewarding to be able to help so many people, who more often than not have been through some thoroughly harrowing experiences.

Being able to provide these clients with a resolution and a successful claim is why we strive so hard to help owners navigate their way out of the Timeshare trap.

We have the pleasure of sharing with you yet another successful claim for compensation for one of our clients who has received … Read more

Marriott and Starwood Merge for a colossal rebrand.
The merger, which was completed on 1 August, has created the largest portfolio, with 110 Million members and over 6,500 hotels, in 127 countries and 29 brands. They are taking all of these members and brands and combining them into one. This single brand is yet to be named. The company announced their loyalty program will begin in August and will remain in place until 2019 when they change the name. Members have been advised that nothing will change immediately but everyone will be kept informed. A spokesperson for the group said … Read more

Trading Standards are warning holidaymakers to be on alert whilst traveling abroad, for salespeople pressuring people into buying timeshares and holiday products, which could lead to people being parted with thousands of pounds of their hard earned cash.

Trading standards have seen a growing number of complaints from holidaymakers, regarding timeshare sales, holiday clubs, timeshare resale and timeshare exit companies. The watchdog is warning consumers not to let their guard down.  Warwickshire County Councillor, Andy Crump said: “Trading Standards are concerned that holidaymakers are still being approached whilst abroad and enticed by offers of further holiday accommodation opportunities, to Read more

Millennials are the new target demographic for Bluegreen Resorts.



Bluegreen CEO Shawn Pearson says his company are attracting more and more millennials seeking good quality, unique experiences and value for money.

Pearson says that this is a fantastic business and Bluegreen offer a great product. They own 69 resorts and provide a unique experience at every destination. Pearson said, “we really capture the local flair and for people that want to have a unique experience we offer all kinds of opportunities within our system”. 

Pearson was asked, whether millennials are buying timeshares. He replied, “I think what’s Read more

For anyone who has not had the pleasure of experiencing a Timeshare Sales Presentation, here’s how one might go !


So you’ve accepted the free dinner, free accommodation, exclusive gift, or tickets to an attraction, and now all you have to do is sit through a “short presentation”. Sounds reasonable ? After all, you wouldn’t expect this freebie for nothing !

The Timeshare rep has done the easy bit, they have got you through the door by luring you in with a free gift, cash, tickets etc. You are, more than likely, already in a pretty good mood. After … Read more

Home-sharing websites, such as Airbnb and HomeAway, have been giving the holiday industry a run for its money of late, with many choosing to book through their easy to use online services rather than the more established holiday companies.

Marriott International have been piloting a home-sharing program which began in April. They ventured into the market on a six month trial, in collaboration with UK based home rental company Hostmaker.

Marriott already have 6,500 hotels and 110 million loyalty program members and are determined to grow even bigger by entering the home-sharing market.

Marriott have launched ‘Tribute Portfolio Homes’, which … Read more

A Warwickshire businessman has become the first person to be prosecuted by Companies House, after he falsely set-up companies on the Government register. Kevin Brewer admitted giving false information to Companies House and to using the names of prominent figures from the City of Westminster.

Companies House is the United Kingdom’s register of companies and is an executive agency and trading fund of her Majesty’s Government. It falls under the remit of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and is also a member of the Public Data Group. The companies register contains information about company addresses, accounts, those … Read more