The partner of serial Timeshare fraudster John “Goldfinger” Palmer is facing trial in Spain this week, in a case which police say could hold the key to his murder. Christina Ketley and Richard Cashman are accused of selling non-existent timeshares on Palmer’s orders, whilst he was behind bars serving 8 years for fraud.

In June 2018, Ms Ketley offered a £100,000 reward for information leading to the prosecution of those responsible for the murder of John Palmer. Ms Ketley said: “It haunts us every day to think that whoever was responsible was clearly watching John, stalking him like an animal … Read more

In the ongoing case of Marriott V Ritz-Carlton Club members, a federal judge partly granted a sanctions motion.

Owners filed the motion earlier in the year, claiming Marriott was acting unreasonably, and in bad faith, by hiding essential documents from the court. Marriott Vacationssaid they had simply made a mistake by failing to hand over key evidence in the class action, claiming it caused the owners’ property values to plummet.

In a partial win for the timeshare owners, the judge ordered Marriott Vacations to pay reasonable attorney fees to more than 200 owners, finding that the company withheld an affiliation … Read more

The regulatory body which overseas timeshares in South Africa say that they are preparing a major overhaul, after receiving thousands of complaints from unhappy consumers. The National Consumer Commission, which regulates consumer and business interaction, launched an inquiry in May 2017 to better understand the consumer impact of the timeshare and vacation ownership industry. Hearings were conducted over the course of six months and a panel of experts approved the recommendations, to correct structural and behavioural issues in the industry.

During the hearings, the panel heard a number of concerns raised by consumers, including the accumulation of points from vacation … Read more

A timeshare travel company based in Cape Town, could face prosecution for multiple charges, including tricking customers into signing up for a membership.

Vacation Hub International, a membership based travel and lifestyle company, is being investigated by South Africa’s National Consumer Commission. The NCC is the primary regulator of consumer business in South Africa, and helps regulate business practices. After investigating the company, NCC referred the case to its prosecutors. They allege that the vacation company misrepresented themselves in order to trick people into signing up to their services. They used unfair tactics to prevent customers from cancelling their memberships … Read more

A family from Missouri spent over $10,000 on a timeshare, they say, they have never been able to use. The timeshare was sold to them as a one week every year in their favourite location with Westgate Resorts. The sales rep told them that using their resort would be incredibly easy and so they decided to sign up, thinking they were getting a great deal for $10,000.

This was over 5 years ago and, every year, they have paid their maintenance fees, which have now reached nearly $900 a year. Despite this, the family have never been able … Read more

RCI adds another resort to its portfolio.

RCI is the global leader in holiday exchange, with over 4,300 affiliated resorts in 110 countries. RCI has announced it is adding the Hondaafushi Island Resort to its portfolio of properties and marks the hospitality giant’s 4th resort in the region.

Hondaafushi Island Resort is a beautiful resort located in the stunning Maldives, with white sands and clear blue seas. It boasts mesmerising views of the lagoons, luxurious accommodations and five-star facilities.

A spokesperson for RCI India said about the new addition: “We are delighted to announce our new affiliation with Hondaafushi … Read more

Another Timeshare scam, this time from Malta !

Police in Malta and the Malta Tourism Authority are investigating a timeshare company who allegedly defrauded clients out of thousands of euro’s. The company named as Platinum International Malta Ltd sold a timeshare membership with cost between €2,000 and €3,500 and promised to provide its members with heavily discounted hotel bookings and holiday packages. The membership covered a range of locations in five destinations, all the customer had to pay was €500 to Platinum for the service.

Instead of providing the services they had promised customers were left  with unpaid hotel bills … Read more

A recent increase in cases of Timeshare owners being targeted for further exploitation has prompted Action Fraud to warn owners to be on the lookout. Scammers are actively seeking out Timeshare owners who may be vulnerable or previously mis-sold their Timeshares and telling them they are owed compensation. The scammers pose as reputable companies offering unsuspecting customers exit from their timeshare burdens for a fee and promising to be able to reclaim compensation.

The scammers are aware of the Timeshare owners personal information from their previous investments which provides them with false credibility. They request upfront fees from owners … Read more

The Birmingham brothers have been ordered to pay back “Hidden Assets” or face an additional 15 months in prison.

Brothers Amarjit and Shivjit Bagharian, from Smethwick, were both jailed for seven years in February 2016 after admitting a conspiracy to defraud topping £1 Million. Operating under 2 bogus companies, Sun Properties Solutions and Avon Client Services, they duped over 38 victims into handing over money in exchange for timeshare relinquishment services, even promising their victims could obtain a handsome return on their investment.

However, the duo made no effort to sell timeshares, nor had any intention to do so. Instead … Read more

Francis ‘Frank’ Madden took holidays around the Mediterranean while his businesses fraudulently obtained hundreds of thousands of pounds from unsuspecting customers.

Madden, 61 from Bournemouth, has been jailed for 40 months and barred from holding a directorship for a decade! The Conman, who was jailed this week, ruled his companies with an ‘Iron Fist’, despite spending much of his time on cruises with his wife and spending thousands of pounds in doing so.

Staff at his companies, Central Marketing LTD, Glenleigh LTD and Reco Corp LTD, were instructed to cold-call hundreds of people a day inviting them to attend a … Read more