Karma Group and Diamond Resorts have announced they are expanding their existing partnership to offer timeshare owners new and ‘exciting’ resorts and locations.

Karma Group plans to add a sales centre at Diamond’s Village Heights resort in Greece, to promote and sell vacation ownership points and timeshare units. Karma Group and Diamond both claim their membership levels are increasing and there is a growing need to offer members intercontinental travel between Europe and Asia.

Diamond seem to be adding new resorts and partnerships to expand their vacation offerings to members, Karma group is expanding their vacation offerings in Greece.

John … Read more

A couple from the US were supposed to be enjoying their dream honeymoon, but say it turned into a nightmare when they were tricked into attending a timeshare presentation.

It all started when the couple were visiting Florida earlier this year on their honeymoon, they had only planned to stay one night before heading to their Cruise the following day. However, before they could get to the hotel, they were forced into attending a timeshare presentation.

The couple say they then had to sit through a long high pressured sales presentation, and although they told the reps they couldn’t afford … Read more

Wyndham Destinations say they are shaking up their timeshare product with new branding and Urban resort offerings.

Wyndham became an independent company last year and now the worlds largest vacation ownership company is launching enhanced club brand identities. The timeshare giant has launched modern brand identities for its flagship timeshare clubs, Club Wyndham and WorldMark by Wyndham.

Wyndham Destinations say they are leading the evolution of the timeshare industry by creating more destinations and more unique experiences for travellers by adding locations they want to travel to. Wyndham recently announced the grand opening of its newest resort in downtown Portland, … Read more

The Better Business Bureau is warning residents of Missouri to be careful when looking to exit their timeshare contracts.

Desperate timeshare owners, looking to get out of their lengthy expensive contracts are falling victim to rogue timeshare exit companies, throughout Missouri the Better Business Bureau is claiming.

One family who discovered this for themselves, took their story to a local news channel to warn others facing the same problem. Thirty years ago, a local family and their three children purchased a timeshare in Sedona. The fees started off just $38 a year but eventually increased to a whopping $3,700 annually.… Read more

A scammer who targeted vulnerable timeshare owners desperate to offload their burdens, stole the identity of a lawyer from Florida to make his scam appear legitimate.

The scammer would call people who had placed ads to sell their timeshares and tell them their property could be sold if they forwarded closing costs to the lawyer, David Eaton, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Eaton, a former prosecutor and now an estate planning lawyer, learned of the scam several years ago when he got a call from the Florida Bar, according to the article. A woman had complained that she sent money … Read more

Hilton Grand Vacations is urging a court of appeal to drop a lawsuit alleging the Timeshare giant bombarded consumers with unwanted Robocalls.

Melanie Glasser brought the dispute to court and argued that Hilton Grand Vacations was a ‘classic telemarketer’ and alleged that Hilton made 15.9 million timeshare marketing calls during a six month period. She states that her suit is exactly the type of problem that the Telephone Consumer Protection Act was created for.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was adopted into U.S law in an effort to address the growing number of telephone marketing calls. The TCPA restricts … Read more

A federal judge in Florida has dismissed timeshare resort Orange Lake Country Club’s law suit, claiming a law firm encouraged timeshare owners to break their contracts.

In 2017, a law firm based in Seattle told the court Orange Lake Resorts were suing them in retaliation to the firms representation of consumers who want to end their timeshare agreements. Orange Lake was attempting to stop the firm and its attorneys from helping clients with concerns about their agreements.

In January this year, the Judge denied another lawyers bid to escape the lawsuit claiming he participated in a conspiracy with the timeshareRead more

The Australian government is looking into whether timeshare companies should be allowed to continue paying sales agents’ commissions on their sales.

The government want to review the quality of advice given to consumers during timeshare presentations. They also want to eliminate bad practice in the timeshare industry, including lengthy, poor value contracts, high pressure sales tactics which end in consumers taking out unaffordable loans.

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority receives over 170 complaints a year from timeshare owners. They say complaints are centred around the mis-selling of timeshare, where sales staff have failed to disclose cooling off rights, failure to … Read more

Wyndham Destinations, has announced they are to develop a new resort in Utah, U.S. They are also expanding their existing property in Arizona.

The new resort in Utah and the expansion in Arizona are under the WorldMark by Wyndham brand. WorldMark operates over 90 resorts across a range of destinations.

The new resort in Utah will be completed in 2020 and will feature more than 150 suites, with one, two and three bedroom layouts. The resort is located near to two of America’s famous national parks, Canyonland National Park and Arches National Park. The resort will also feature WorldMark Presidential … Read more

Disney’s Riviera Resort is now accepting guest reservations for stays beginning in December 2019. The new resort is the 15th Disney Vacation property. Disney’s Riviera Resort is said to be inspired by Walt and Lillian Disney’s travels throughout Europe and the Mediterranean coastline.

Terri Schultz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Vacation Club said in a statement: “ Walt fell in love with European art, architecture, food and stories, and his extended tours of the region continue to influence Disney storytelling and theming. We look forward to welcoming our members and guests later this year to this … Read more