Resort Solutions Limited of Market Harborough, Leicestershire are the management company behind many timeshare resorts and we have had numerous dealings with this organisation on behalf of our clients.

This organisation have a unique way of dealing with our correspondence. When they receive a Praetorian Legal letter challenging a client’s timeshare agreement the first thing they do is write to the client and warn them that we are a scam company or a company of disrepute thereby warning the timeshare owner to stop dealing with ourselves.

They then go onto tell the owners that there is no way out of … Read more

This week we have received a rather rude letter from the Financial Controller of Stouts Hill Timeshare Resort, Mrs Beverley Baxendine. Mrs Baxendine outlined Stouts Hill’s case for payment of maintenance fees and advised our client that we, Praetorian Legal, were ‘ill-informed and misunderstanding of their club rules’, the Stouts Hill Club letter ended with a threat of legal proceedings.

So, it would appear that the Stouts Hill Club rules enjoy a hierarchical status in the English legal system as when we presented Stouts Hill with our challenge to their timeshare agreement our client was advised you cannot do … Read more

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”left”][/image_frame]This is another timeshare resort organisation masquerading as something that it is not. We have recently been made aware of Praetorian Legal appearing on the Timeshare Elimination website as a scam.

This organisation is owned and operated by a gentleman by the name of Steve Keen and operated from a run down shop front in a side street in Bridgend in Wales. To all intent and purpose his appalling website site littered with spelling errors and poor grammar purports to sell and exchange timeshares. Contrary to this belief he is heavily involved with resort management companies and we … Read more

First of all let us look at TATOC, the self-proclaimed timeshare owner’s consumer champion, owned and operated by a gentleman by the name of Mr Harry Taylor.

We have only recently become of aware of Mr Taylor since we suddenly found our details posted upon his website. A warning was posted about our activities and our cold calling activities.

When we approached Mr Taylor about these unsubstantial claims and threatened him with legal action he immediately engaged his Birmingham based law firm, Shakespeares. We simply asked Mr Taylor to prove his allegations and we threatened an Application to the … Read more

Kwik Chex are a company employed by the RDO and championed to resort owners as the company who will help them cleanse the timeshare industry of all things bad.

Before we discuss the role of Kwik Chex, let us just examine who they are and what they do.

Kwik Chex are supposed to be an online reputation protection business, many people will not understand what this is because it is often a service provided to corporate organisations who have suffered online abuse or damage to their reputation, similar to what TATOC and Kwik Chex have tried to do to Praetorian … Read more